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Lo van der Valk

Lo van der Valk, President & Historic Preservation Expert

I was first introduced to zoning matters when neighbors on my block were opposing a major mid-block addition to the school across the street. After working closely with several CHN board members on this project for a year, I was invited by them to join the board. My first role was chair of the CHN-managed StreetSweep program, which meant meeting local store owners and asking for money - twice a year! When settling in Carnegie Hill, I was attracted by the nearby reservoir running track and the many impressive landmarks. Back then there was no internet and the slim CHN Architectural Guide of 1989 was an indispensable resource. I was drawn by the interest and necessity to landmarks and zoning issues and became president in 1997. There have been many issues and battles over the years, and it is exasperating, yet fascinating, to see how new issues keep appearing. I love our local shops and the way our great landmarks blend in as part of our neighborhood.

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