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Join the Fight to Stop Unnecessary Sidewalk Cell Towers

Considerations OTI, the administration, and CityBridge/Boldyn (the city franchise partner) must consider when installing LinkNYC towers in all neighborhoods throughout New York City:

  • Diverse needs of NYC residents that emphasize the importance of comprehensive and egalitarian connectivity options for everyone

  • One Size does NOT fit all: Unrealistic and inappropriate for the installation and design of Link NYC’s current connectivity plan

  • Contextual neighborhood solutions: Massive sidewalk cell towers do not work in historic districts. Options of an appropriate size and scale, taking into consideration curbside access and space constraints for pedestrians

  • Desire for collaboration: Resident stakeholders have repeatedly asked for  consideration of their needs when exploring a better option

  • Stakeholder commitment to this cause: The community has spoken and has no plans to quit talking until the leadership on this plan engages in a transparent and productive dialogue. 

Link5G - Towers are going to the wrong neighborhoods.png
Link5G - Tower applications versus community engagement.png

For more information please contact CHN at

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