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Carnegie Hill Neighbors mentioned in The City as a leader in the fight to prevent 5G sidewalk towers from being installed in Historic Districts throughout New York City.  Read the article here.

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Carnegie Hill is bearing the brunt of the City's pilot program to install massive, out-of-scale and unnecessary cell towers on our sidewalks.  These 32-foot tall sidewalk towers are already outdated with less expensive, less intrusive and compound solutions that are in context and of an appropriate scale installed in neighborhoods nationwide.  Carnegie Hill Neighbors feels it is important to stop this outrageous  proposal before it spreads to historic and residential neighborhoods citywide.  We have serious concerns about this project's approval process and demand that city agencies must be held to the same standards they hold New Yorkers to when dealing with historic buildings and districts.

A Win For Carnegie Hill and Other NYC Historic Districts

At the request of Carnegie Hill Neighbors, on April 12 Congressman Jerrold Nadler sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission asking that the agency review the proposed installation of 5G sidewalk towers throughout New York City according to the guidelines of the National Historic Preservation Act. The FCC took action and sent a letter to Citybridge, the parent company of LinkNYC, confirming that installation of the proposed towers are subject to the Commission's environmental and historic preservation review process.

CHN will work closely with our constituents, allies and elected officials during this involved public review process. We hope that it is a new path to bring needed digital access to all New Yorkers while respecting the visual and historic character of our city's vital neighborhoods.

Read both letters by clicking on the images below.

FCC to Citybridge Page1_Page_1.jpg

LinkNYC 5G Primer: What Is It...Are Towers Necessary...Who's Involved?

Below are renderings of towers at proposed locations throughout Carnegie Hill

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